My Blog on Garage Door Sizes

Garage doors do not come in generic sizes. It is important to note the exact dimensions of the door for various reasons. It can make or break the overall aesthetics of the home, installing a garage door opener, or even just getting a new garage door put into place. All of these processes can only be completed when the garage door size is appropriately gauged and pinpointed. Let’s take a look at some of the different garage door sizes out and about.


Let’s begin with residential garage doors. What sizes do they come in? A general garage door comes in at around 9 feet in length and 7 feet in width. However, a ‘normal’ garage door can also come in the following dimensions:

* 10 x 7 Feet

* 8 x 7 Feet

This is dependent on the house and its overall structure. All of these sizes are legitimate according to official standards.

Double Garage Doors

Residential garages can also include double garage doors? What happens in this case? How big are they?

The dimensions of these garage doors vary, but there are three specific sizes.

* 12 x 7 Feet

* 16 x 7 Feet

* 14 x 7 Feet


There are massive variations when it comes to commercial garage doors. They are generally fitted to allow the passing in and out of larger vehicles (i.e. trucks). This means they are far larger than their residential counterparts.

Some sizes which can be found in the commercial sector include:

* 32 x 24 Feet (Overhead)

* 30 x 28 Feet (Roll Up)

There is a reason for these specific sizes. They enable access to larger trucks and they ensure the moisture does not seep in through the cracks. This is why garage owners are recommended to check the seal on a regular basis. If the moisture gets in often, this means the garage door size is not accurate and does not fit the actual garage.

With commercial garage doors, it is routine for small and large business owners to have customized options installed. This can help them work around their own set-up.

There are many different types of garage door sizes as seen here, but each one has its own purpose. Some are built for single homes, doubles, RVs and even commercial usage. It is important to note down the details of the garage door as soon as possible.